Cycle Brookfield believes in the Power of Bicycles, and seeks to expand fun and safe cycling through education, event organization and community support.

About Us

Cycle Brookfield is an informal group of citizens of Brookfield, Illinois and surrounding suburbs who love cycling and want to make a difference in our communities.
Cycle Brookfield wants to make it safer, easier, and more fun to bike in and around Brookfield. We do that through education, advocacy, and community building.
We support:
  • more and safer bike lanes and bike routes in Brookfield
  • more and better cycling connections to neighboring suburbs and Chicago
  • more and more secure bike parking
  • fun cycling events for riders of all ages and skill levels
  • an active and inclusive community of cyclists
We do these things because we believe a more bikeable Brookfield is a safer, healthier, friendlier, more economically vibrant Brookfield.

If you would like to become a member or participate in one of our events, we welcome you!

Cycle Brookfield First Friday Rides

The First Friday of each month, we host a Slow Roll Social Ride in Brookfield at 6:30pm at The Compassion Factory, 9210 Broadway, Brookfield, Illinois. The ride is a 10k/6.2 mile ride through the neighborhood and ends at The Compassions Factory Garden. The ride is family friendly. All rider levels are welcome. No one is left behind.

Cycle Brookfield Tune Up Your Bike

Each year we organize a Tune Up Your Bike Clinic where our members assist cyclist in getting their bikes ready for the cycling season. We check the tires and make minor adjustments to get you going safely and with confidence. If you have major mechanical issues, we can refer you to one of our local bike shops.

Cycle Brookfield Meetings

Cycle Brookfield has monthly meeting on the third Thursday of the month at 7:00pm at Imperial Oak Brewery, 9526 Ogden Ave., Brookfield, Illinois. We discuss the management of our events and issues that effect cycling in our area.

Cycle Brookfield Connect On Facebook

Many members join Cycle Brookfield and follow our events on Facebook. We normally post announcements of our events on the face book page for members to keep informed. Many of our members also post informal rides that include pace, milage and meeting point. You can view our facebook page at

Cycle Brookfield Connect On Strava

Several of our members used Strave software to track their rides. Cycle Brookfield has a group page to share rides, meet other riders and track our cycling adventures. if you use Strava, we welcome you to join our group at
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Who is Cycle Brookfield?

Cycle Brookfield is a Non-For-Profit advocacy group with a mission to make cycling, walking, and driving safe and enjoyable for all.

What does Cycle Brookfield do?

To meet our mission, Cycle Brookfield organizes community bike rides to bring awareness and education to the Brookfield and surrounding communities residents. Cycle Brookfield also hosts bike related tune-up and education events to riders of all skill levels.

How will Cycle Brookfield make walking, cycling and driving safe for all?

Cycle Brookfield will gather signatures from residents who seek non-motorized methods to use 31st Street access the Salt Creek Bike Trail, Brookfield Zoo and connecting services via 31st Street between 1st Ave and Maple/17th. With resident support, Cycle Brookfield will advocate for improvements to the 31st Street corridor by meeting with local officials and village planners to secure funds to implement. Cycle Brookfield will interface with village officials on a routine basis to encourage investment in the 31st Street corridor.

Cycle Brookfield Leadership

Christopher Valadez, President
Ken Knasiak, Vice President
Terri Roberson Rivera Secretary

Miro Ledajaks, Treasurer
Joe O'Connor, Membership and Ride Manager
Izzi Markus, Social Outreach

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Left to right: Izzy Markus, Chris Valdez, Mir Oslav, Joe O'Connor and Terri Roberson Rivera at the Cycle Brookfield tent for the 2019 Bike Brookfield event.
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Cycle Brookfield is a 501c3 non-for-profit advocacy group with a mission to make cycling, walking, and driving safe and enjoyable for all. We encourage all cyclist to wear helmets and light up their bike.